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Carrdus School

Years 5 and 6

Year 5 is an important year, when the children are prepared for the entrance exams to their senior schools. They have the same Maths and English teachers for Year 5 and 6, helping them to be fully prepared for these assessments that take place generally in the first term of Year 6.

In Years 5 and 6, the girls and boys develop independence and enthusiasm, they show increasing initiative and are more able to look after each other and be part of a team. There is a great deal on offer for them and they are encouraged to make the most of it, to think laterally, to do more than they imagine they can. Confidence starts to be well-grounded, allowing them to take intellectual risks and realise that school is a good place to try things out.

In Year 6 we measure success in many ways. We want the children to pull together all that they have learnt up to Year 5, to be able to use their skills and knowledge to the full and to make good choices and be able to shine. We want the girls and boys to know what really matters to them and to be able to put their opinions clearly. We want them to set their own goals, to push themselves, to work and play hard and to leave our school feeling fantastic about themselves, ready for the next slice of life.

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