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Carrdus School

School Day

Days at Carrdus are busy and engaging.

Smaller classes and first-rate facilities ensure that children get the best possible start to their school life; creativity of thought and action is encouraged. Our children are challenged, busy and happy but have plenty of free time to enjoy the beautiful gardens. 

Doors open at 07.50, when children and adults may come into the Front Hall and enjoy a sociable start to the school day. At 08:30 children go to their classes before registration at 08:50. First Break is at 10:50, lasts for 20 minutes and gives the children the chance to climb trees, build dens and have a healthy snack.

Lunch starts at 12:00 for the Lower School and 12:40 for the Upper School. Children enjoy a delicious cooked option with vegetables, salad and home baked bread as well as a tasty pudding or yogurt plus fresh fruit every day.

After lunch the children have Lunch Break which lasts for 30 minutes. Lessons restart at 13:00 for the Lower School and 13:40 for the Upper School with the formal school day ending at 15:40. The day is extended to 18:00 by a variety of clubs including After School Club and Teatimers.

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