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Carrdus School

Year 1 Pirate Assemnbly

Year 1

Year 1 Treasure Island Assembly


With a ‘YO HO HO’ and a bottle of Ribena, Year 1 took to the high seas, rounding off their half-term theme of ‘Treasure Island’ with a superbly swashbuckling class assembly.

Over the first half of term in their English lessons, children wrote their own message in a bottle, created poems using the title ‘The Beach is a Treasure Chest’ and explored the fabulous book about the Jolley-Rogers pirate family in ‘The Pirates Next Door’ by Jonny Duddle.

In History, students learnt about the famous pirates Captain Blackbeard and Anne Bonny, exploring the different roles aboard a pirate ship and writing their own job application forms to apply for their favourite position!

The Year 1 buccaneers focused on how to stay healthy in Science, researched the disgusting and horribly unhealthy habits of a pirate and then worked together to plan a healthy, hearty pirate lunch. In their Forest School sessions, the theme continued with treasure scavenger hunts, making treasure chests and pirate flags using natural resources and playing the team building game ‘Captain’s Commands’.

The enthusiasm and delight that the Year 1 adventurers found in their ‘Treasure Island’ theme was evident in their dazzling smiles and vibrant voices, as they lit up the stage with a buoyant and very confident performance. Aha, me Year 1 hearties – what deep learning!




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