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STEM at Carrdus


STEM at Carrdus


In furtherance to the provision of valuable experiences and opportunities across the STEM subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, Carrdus is looking forward to a full STEM Week coming up in March; this year our overarching whole school theme is Extreme Elements.

At Carrdus, the excitement of curiosity and exploration are known to be crucial components to the journey of every young learner’s mind, which is why it is so important to deliver a broad range of opportunities to engage and stimulate boys and girls. In today’s technological world, it is vital that all our children have a solid grounding in STEM and are encouraged to develop as interested, questioning, critical thinkers.

Before half term, the school was visited by the forever fascinating Explorer Dome, a vibrant and popular science outreach company who bring an air of infectious enthusiasm and entertainment to their fully interactive science shows. Each class enjoyed a captivating 45-minute session, tailored to their specific age and focused on different and very relevant aspects of the environment including biodiversity, animal adaptation, climate change and renewable energy.

Looking forwards, STEM Week begins on Monday 9th March. From designing buildings to withstand earthquakes and creating models to understand how geysers form to protecting towns from floods and tsunamis and exploring the structure of snowflakes, the week will very much be focused on developing links between the STEM subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and looking at how these different areas come together in real life contexts.

With the upcoming STEM Week as well as all the other trips, workshops and activities taking place, the ground for growing possibility and potential is ready and waiting for tomorrow’s young innovators! #STEMatCarrdus


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