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In the Science lab

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Year 5 & 6 Science

There have been busy times in the Science Lab this autumn for Years 5 and 6! Year 6 started the term looking at classification, which they explored with a ‘lucky dip’ exercise as well as using coloured hoops to create Venn diagrams. The concept of dichotomous keys was made accessible and much more enjoyable by constructing a key for assorted biscuits! It would be fair to say that this approach certainly helped to consolidate the idea before progressing to more scientific examples. They then went on to complete individual research tasks using the internet for reference, looking at the five Kingdoms of living things, choosing examples of each.

More recently, Year 6 have been exploring the process of designing a scientific investigation and identifying the scientific variables involved and the concept of a fair test.

Year 5 have been learning about the fascinating world of animal life cycles using scale models and have been introduced to the concept of ‘Double Bubble Mind Maps’ as a tool to show similarities and differences between variant life cycles. They have also explored reproduction in plants by cultivating geranium cuttings and looking at flower structure. Making use of our school grounds and extending their observations with online research, Year 5 have also had a lot of fun learning about the extraordinary world of animal adaptation!

The curiosity and inquisitive nature of our Upper School Scientists has truly been ignited this term with an enthusiasm that can only be described as contagious!

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